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Foto-Foto Rosalia Lombardo

Rosalia Lombardo3

Rosalia Lombardo4
Rosalia Lombardo1Rosalia Lombardo2

(Foto : berbagai sumber)


  1. she is so beautiful,she is truly a sleeping beauty, to bad i never had a chance to know and meet her, may god bless her where ever she is,i wish to see her in the past life,

  2. I watched an episode about this giant underground tomb on Destination Truth. It's amazing how she stayed so preserved all these years. It must mean she is a goddess or something along those lines. . .

  3. god bless this poor child and i hope to see her in the after life she looked so beautiful and i wish she was my child but she died and when god wants a child back that means that the have done their time on earth and god bless this chid once again

  4. Para mi, es mi niña preciosa ( Rosalía Lombardo)…el día k la ví me “enamoré” de sus carita y su pelito rubio…es increíble k esté tan bien conservada…murío con sólo dos añitos de edad y su padre alto cargo del ejército italiano -creo- iba a verla todos los días y la miraba durante horas y hablaba con ella, cuantan los monjes capuchinos…hasta k éste murió de pena!!!… cuentan k se murió a los tres años o poko más k murió sus niña querida…en fin, lo peor de todo esk dicen k en unos años más ya desaparecerá los efectos del embalsamiento e irá perdiendo belleza…toda una pena!!

  5. oh.....she is an angel.

  6. Lovely child, so sad she died so young. God bless what family is left that she left behind.

  7. I am studing mummies in one of my classes and I found this one. Rosalia Lombardo is the most beautiful little child I might only be 12 but my life is devoted to her so looks so innocent and didn't deserve to die.

  8. Aww...When I look at this it makes me cry, because her father wanted to have her preserved. Atleast she will always be daddys little girl...

    God bless you sweet Rosalia may you have sweet dreams dear child...

  9. rest in peace little angel... i hope to see you in up there.

  10. Português:
    Uma criança graciosa,pena antigamente não ter remédios bons que ajudassem a curar a doença.
    Que ela durma em paz com os anjinhos do céu,espero um dia vê-la lá em cima nas nuvens,trágico,tão pequena e já foi embora...

    A child graceful, feather formerly not good remedies that would help cure the disease.
    Let her sleep in peace with the angels of heaven, I hope one day see her up there in the clouds, tragic, and it was so small ...

    Un bambino grazioso, piuma già non buoni rimedi che potrebbero contribuire a curare la malattia.
    Lasciala dormire in pace con gli angeli del cielo, io spero che un giorno la sua vedere da lì le nuvole, tragico, and it small era così però ...

  11. A sinless child like this that died before knowing the world, is surely in Paradise now.
    Thinking Islamic, children that pass away are residing in Allah's Hands that takes them to Heaven.

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  13. when she died her father out her in the tomb there was no air thats how its body is

  14. it is so amazing how real she looks...she looks like my little sister...kinda

  15. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.I have a daughter at her age now.I know how her father felt at the moment she passed away.
    God bleess her.

  16. Breathtaking...and heartbreaking.It's mind-boggling to imagine that she would be 82 by now if she hadn't died so young. She was preserved by an injection of a mixture of zince salts, formalin, alcohol, salicylic acid, and glycerin. Not by an airless tomb, Sinil :P

    God bless her soul.

  17. *zinc salts, oops.


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